Women Take the Mic

Women Take the Mic

Listen and watch women-led conversations about facing life’s challenges, taking on new opportunities, and impacting the world around you.

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Women Take the Mic
  • Simone Biles, G.O.A.T.

    The rhinestone-emblazoned leotard worn by Simone Biles boasts GOAT, greatest of all time, and if you have any doubt about the 24-year-old gymnast or the path that led her to where she stands today, well, stick around because it’s Worth Noting.

  • My Journey

    Liz tells the story about how she accidentally ended up becoming a musician.

  • Passion vs. Fear

    Liz is willing to push past her discomfort and fears while pursuing her passion of storytelling and songwriting.

  • Making Money: Part I

    A business can make money in a couple of ways. Paige teaches you what to account for in order to make a profit.

  • Let's Talk Money

    When you're a full-time musician, there are financial risks to be weary of. Liz gives some tips for staying financially on track.

  • Show & Tell

    What you choose to share about yourself and how you live it out will look differently for all of us. No matter what age, your beliefs and personality are important.

  • Social Media


    JJ shares how a life behind filters limits how we see someone's authentic self.

  • The F Word

    Starting a business can involve many failures—but it's also an important part of the process. Paige shares a personal story about failure, and even though it was a painful experience, she learned that mistakes can lead to beautiful opportunities.

  • Intro | Meet Liz

    Liz Vice is a professional soul, gospel, and R&B singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Liz has drawn comparisons to some of the greatest gospel and soul singers of all time, from Aretha Franklin to Mavis Staples. Liz has toured with multiple acts such as Lake Street Dive, received millions of s...

  • SB8 and Losing the Right to Choose

    Earlier this month, Texas legislators passed Senate Bill 8, making abortions illegal after the sixth week of pregnancy. How this bill was written and the implications it can have on abortion rights throughout the country is Worth Noting.

  • Gardening

    Paige finds that starting your own business requires a lot of patience and hard work, similar to gardening. As you create and maintain the garden, you must also take care of the progress you are making with your business.

  • Krystyna (Overwhelmed)

    Let’s talk about feeling overwhelmed. Krystyna shares a memory of being overwhelmed by her school work, and Dr. Lockhart and Nakita discuss how feelings can teach you about OR show you what you need and don’t need.

  • Sara & Stewart Talk About Creativity

    Sara and Stewart Scott-Curran, authors of A Kids Book About Creativity, talk about how we’re creative every day! Like when we make small decisions or problem-solve.

  • Courtney Talks About Activism

    Courtney Ahn, author of A Little Book About Activism, talks about how you can use your voice and work to make your community better through activism.

  • Kileah Talks About Depression

    Kileah McIlvain, author of A Kids Book About Depression, talks about how a small point of connection can make all the difference for somebody.

  • Jamie Talks About Shame

    Jamie Letourneau, author of A Kids Book About Shame, talks about not needing to experience difficult emotions alone.

  • Evelyn Talks About Sexual Abuse

    Evelyn Yang, author of A Kids Book About Sexual Abuse, talks about speaking up in any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • Caverly Talks About Mindfulness

    Caverly Morgan, author of A Kids Book About Mindfulness, talks about fully engaging with the lives we are here to live.

  • Kristine Talks About Disabilities

    Kristine Napper, author of A Kids Book About Disabilities, talks about identifying disabilities as normal and working to make spaces welcoming to all.

  • Malia Talks About COVID-19

    Malia Jones, author of A Kids Book About COVID-19, talks through the facts of COVID-19, dispels some of the myths, and shares ways we can all help one another.

  • Khloe Thompson and Khloe Kares

    Khloe Thompson uses her powers as an activator to help women experiencing homelessness Khloe Kares. Let’s learn how we can look for and respond to needs in our communities.

  • Ella (Happy)

    Let's talk about feeling happy. Ella shares a memory of her baby sister, and Dr. Lockhart and Nakita discuss how happiness can come with other emotions and feel overwhelming.

  • Emma Talks About Feminism

    Emma Mcilroy, author of A Kids Book About Feminism, talks intersectional feminism, shining the light on others, and why she’s so excited about the next generation growing up.

  • Ashley Talks About Divorce

    Ashley Simpo, author of A Kids Book About Divorce, talks about how children are never at fault when people get a divorce.