What Makes You, You?

What Makes You, You?

An empowering compilation of videos on why your authenticity matters.

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What Makes You, You?
  • The Magic of Our Body

    You can appreciate and feel gratitude for your body at any time. It's incredible! Once you start to understand all the different things your body does, you’ll see its power more often regardless of your physical state. It is truly magical, which means that you are magical.

  • Change | Personal Story

    “I am a grownup and I still have a hard time with change. Sometimes I deal with it well, but sometimes I don't.” Listen as David shares how he copes with change.

  • Feminism | Personal Story

    While at a work event, a man dismissed Emma simply for being a woman. Hear how she learned from those unkind words and used that experience to help others.

  • Belonging | Questions

    How can I find somewhere to belong? Kevin answers some of your commonly asked questions about belonging.

  • Intro | Meet JJ

    Meet JJ Barrows, comedian, author, video editor, and a mixed media artist. Whether she's hosting a podcast, a YouTube channel, surfing, sending plastic goldfish in the mail, or performing, JJ stays true to her experiences—revealing the freedom a quippy sense of humor can reveal in all of us by gi...

  • The Syllabus

    JJ starts laying out the foundation for this class. Living authentically is different for everyone, and this class will help you figure that out.

  • What Is Authenticity?

    In order to discover what makes you unique and develop a voice that is authentic to you, it's important that you know who you are as a person. JJ breaks down the concept of authenticity.

  • Common Ground

    Life can be hard when we don't feel accepted. Worrying about what other people think is something that JJ still wrestles with as an adult, and it's not something you're experiencing alone.

  • Social Media


    JJ shares how a life behind filters limits how we see someone's authentic self.

  • Does The Truth Matter?

    In the pursuit of a life we think others want to see, we can end up losing sight of who we actually are.

  • Facing Your Fears

    Fear of other people's opinions can be overwhelming. It's easier to avoid the fear instead of facing it, but the risk of losing yourself can be even scarier.

  • Stepping Out

    Becoming more confident in yourself can be intimidating, but it's as simple as asking a question.

  • Not A New You

    JJ teaches us it's not about inventing a new you. Authenticity doesn't need to be created. It's already inside of you!

  • Show & Tell

    What you choose to share about yourself and how you live it out will look differently for all of us. No matter what age, your beliefs and personality are important.

  • Express Yourself

    There's a difference between feeling your emotions and expressing them. JJ shares some helpful tips on how to express your emotions when you're alone and with others.

  • Layers

    There are many pieces that come together to make you—you! Like a work of art, there can be soft edges, bold lines, and layers of color and they're all one-of-a-kind.

  • Find Your Tribe

    As a stand-up comedian, JJ felt like she needed to find her audience in order to succeed. However, she discovered the best supporters found her when she was true to herself.

  • Contagious Authenticity

    Posts may go viral for a day, but being yourself and allowing others to be themselves can have an impact on your life.

  • Who Am I?

    JJ looks back on how she's changed and how she's stayed the same throughout the years. She ends the class with a personal look on how to love yourself no matter what stage in life you're in right now.