Take Care of You

Take Care of You

Learn the fundamentals of mental health, and how to practice self care.

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Take Care of You
  • Intro | Meet Ross

    Meet Ross Szabo, an award-winning pioneer of the youth mental health movement. He is the Wellness Director at Geffen Academy at UCLA and CEO of Human Power Project. Ross has spoken to over 2 million people about mental health and has used the opportunity to develop a curriculum that normalizes em...

  • Your Opportunity

    Did you know that your brain is going through its second largest growth right now? According to Ross, now is one of the best times to really learn about your mental health and build healthy practices that you can carry into adulthood.

  • Being There

    It's not always easy to figure out how to be there for your friends who are going through difficult times. Ross gives practical tools and resources to support your friends.

    If you or someone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts and live in the USA, please reach out to the National Suicid...

  • Sharing Is Strength

    Why is it sometimes difficult to seek help? Ross explains the importance of breaking down the barriers of reaching out for you and for others.

  • Reinforce vs. Release

    Ross teaches the difference between reinforcing and releasing your emotions.

  • Coping: Part I

    What are coping mechanisms? Ross explains how our brains are wired to help us manage our emotions and how to identify the difference between effective and ineffective coping mechanisms.

  • Coping: Part II

    Changing your ineffective coping mechanisms isn't easy. Ross gives 5 tips on how to get started.

  • The Spectrum

    Ross talks about why it's necessary to reframe the spectrum of mental health to one that focuses on balance and normalization.

  • Vocabulary: Part I

    Ross explains the importance of vocabulary surrounding mental health topics and shares some helpful mental health categories.

  • Vocabulary: Part II

    Knowing the difference between mental health categories can help when trying to find support for yourself and others.

  • Final Thoughts

    When it comes to mental health, everyday practice is a lifelong journey. It's important to continue working on your mental health and practice new skills you've learned and old skills you want to keep up with.

  • Depression | Read-Along

    Find a cozy seat and follow along as Kileah reads her book, A Kids Book About Depression.

  • Depression | Meet Kileah

    Kileah is a writer, musician, knitter, and lover of all things Middle Earth. She and her husband raise hobbits and chickens in the verdant wilds of Washington state.

  • Depression | Questions

    Is feeling sad the same as depression? Kileah answers some commonly asked questions about depression through the lens of her personal experiences.

  • Depression | Personal Story

    Depression can feel very isolating. Listen as Kileah shares a heartfelt story about finding safety in the company of her best friend.

  • Depression | Takeaways

    Kileah shares five ways you can advocate for yourself and others struggling with depression.

  • Depression | Final Thoughts

    If you are fighting through the fog of depression, Kileah wants to leave you with a personal message of validation and empathy.

  • Technology | Meet Amber

    Amber Case has always been fascinated by the relationship between technology and humans. She comes from a family of coders, engineers, and developers, so curiosity is coded into her DNA. Now Amber travels the world speaking about the pros and cons of technology use in our daily lives.

  • Technology | Read-Along

    Unplug and follow along as Amber reads her book, A Kids Book About Technology.

  • Technology | Questions

    How do I deal with cyberbullying? Can I be myself online? Amber answers some commonly asked questions about the internet and how to explore it safely, freely, and confidently.

  • Technology | Personal Story

    Technology can take a lot of energy out of our minds and bodies. Amber shares a story about when she felt overwhelmed by the screens in front of her face.

  • Technology | Takeaways

    Amber offers tips and tools on how to live with technology in a positive way—not only for entertainment but for your health.

  • Technology | Final Thoughts

    Amber leaves you with some empowering tools as you explore the vast world of technology.

  • Change | Final Thoughts

    When you are faced with change, David wants you to know how to navigate those experiences with ease.