A series of guided meditations hosted by mindfulness coach Nina Purewal, designed to help kids manage each day's rhythms and transitions.

  • Foundations

    8 items

    New to meditation? These brief tutorials explore the basics and address some common meditation myths.

  • Fundamentals

    6 items

    These beginner meditations will lay the groundwork for your practice, with tips on how to effectively breathe and what to do with your thoughts.

  • Situational

    4 items

    Meditations to practice in response to difficult or challenging experiences, like grief and loss or feeling isolated.

  • Words in Meditation

    4 items

    A collection of words that we use in meditation.

  • Emotions

    3 items

    Emotions can be complex but it’s important to honor them all. These meditations allow you to tap into your feelings and provide tools on how to breathe through some of the tougher ones.

  • Big Picture

    5 items

    Look beyond the self through a lens of interconnection, love, and healing.

  • Affirmations

    8 items

    These meditations on repeated, strength-giving mantras are perfect for listening to any time and are a reminder of how truly amazing we are at the core.

  • Visualizations

    5 items

    Transformational meditations provide the opportunity to explore the connection between the self and nature.

  • Intention-Setting

    2 items

    Advanced meditations that invite listeners to think beyond their experiences to deeper understandings of who we are and the power of our intuition.