Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself

Discover the joy-inspiring power of affirmation.

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Loving Yourself
  • I Am Enough

    Did you know that you are enough as you are? You are enough. You have always been and will always be enough. No more or less is needed. You are full and whole and complete and perfect just as you are.

  • Kevin Talks About Belonging

    Kevin Carroll, author of A Kids Book About Belonging, talks about how belonging starts with having the self-confidence to be you wherever you are.

  • Jonah (Proud)

    Let’s talk about feeling proud. Jonah shares a memory of achieving a goal, and Dr. Lockhart and Nakita discuss how we can return to proud moments when uncomfortable feelings show up.

  • I am Strong

    Today we're meditating with an affirmation of strength. We’ll walk through a little meditation on inner strength and repeat the phrase “I am strength” as our mantra. As we’ve been learning, a mantra is a way to get our minds, bodies, and spirits in sync.

  • Taboo Talks About Identity

    Taboo, author of A Kids Book About Identity and member of Black Eyed Peas, talks about how we can honor and embrace every facet of our identities, even when they change.

  • Ella (Happy)

    Let's talk about feeling happy. Ella shares a memory of her baby sister, and Dr. Lockhart and Nakita discuss how happiness can come with other emotions and feel overwhelming.

  • I Am Love

    We were loved when we came into this world as tiny, little babies. We were an embodiment of love, and the truth is, we still are! There is love all around us. There is love within us. We are all made of pure love. Each of us IS love.

  • Caverly Talks About Mindfulness

    Caverly Morgan, author of A Kids Book About Mindfulness, talks about fully engaging with the lives we are here to live.

  • Elana (Joy)

    Let’s talk about feeling joy. Elana shares a memory of finding joy in going on trips and spending time with family, and Dr. Lockhart and Nakita discuss tools for finding happiness in our everyday life so we can experience more joy.