It's OK to Not Be OK

It's OK to Not Be OK

Listen and explore the hard feelings we sometimes have, and how to cope and manage them.

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It's OK to Not Be OK
  • Ross Talks About Anxiety

    Ross Szabo, author of A Kids Book About Anxiety, talks about how all of our emotions and behaviors in life have pathways in our brains.

  • Krystyna (Overwhelmed)

    Let’s talk about feeling overwhelmed. Krystyna shares a memory of being overwhelmed by her school work, and Dr. Lockhart and Nakita discuss how feelings can teach you about OR show you what you need and don’t need.

  • Grief, Loss, and Change

    Today we're meditating on a difficult topic: grief. You might feel sad during this meditation, but you might also find healing. Honor every feeling that may come up and hopefully, through this meditation, you’ll feel a little more at peace with the grief you face, whether that be because of loss ...

  • Jamie Talks About Shame

    Jamie Letourneau, author of A Kids Book About Shame, talks about not needing to experience difficult emotions alone.

  • Feeling Angry

    It's okay to feel angry. We all feel angry sometimes. It's a very natural emotion. What’s important with anger is to let it come but then release it and let it go. And the thing about anger is that it is usually hiding another emotion.

  • David (Scared)

    Let's talk about feeling scared. David shares a memory of an emergency, and Dr. Lockhart and Nakita discuss how fear can be a friend, helping to keep us safe.

  • Kileah Talks About Depression

    Kileah McIlvain, author of A Kids Book About Depression, talks about how a small point of connection can make all the difference for somebody.

  • Bianca (Angry + Sad)

    Let’s talk about feeling angry and sad. Bianca shares a memory of a classmate excluding her because of her skin color, and Dr. Lockhart and Nakita discuss how anger can cover sadness.

  • Feeling Sad

    Today, we're talking about feeling sad. We will meditate on that feeling in order to help you move through those big feelings of sadness. It might not make the sadness completely go away, but meditation helps us acknowledge it, as well as bring in calm and blissful feelings.