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Explore Black Perspectives

Explore Black perspectives on careers, cultural influences, courage and more.

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Explore Black Perspectives
  • Racism | Meet Jelani

    Jelani Memory is an African American entrepreneur, thinker, and constant learner. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and six kids. Jelani aspires to be an artist when he grows up.

  • Racism | Read-Along

    Watch and follow along with CEO and Founder of A Kids Company About, Jelani Memory, as he reads A Kids Book About Racism.

  • Racism | Questions

    What do you do when someone is being racist? Standing up against racism may seem like a hard and scary thing to do, but everybody can and everybody should—even if you’re a kid. Jelani answers some of your big questions about racism.

  • Racism | Personal Story

    "I remember feeling nervous every school year.” Jelani shares what it felt like as a kid to have a unique name and look different than the rest of his classmates.

  • Racism | Takeaways

    Racism is hurtful and can feel overwhelming, and sometimes, it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it. But there are always opportunities to change the world around you. Jelani offers five simple tips to help you and your community in the fight against racism.

  • Racism | Final Thoughts

    As our time together comes to a close, Jelani leaves you with some heartfelt encouragement for the road ahead.

  • When Do I Need Courage?

    It takes courage to navigate some of life's challenges. George shares how courage is not always a matter of 'sink or swim.' From the moment we walk to the day we get to drive, embracing courage is just the start.

  • Don't Give Up

    You're going to find moments in your career as a musician when you want to quit. Liz experiences it all the time and gives advice on how to keep going.

  • Finding Inspiration

    With all of life's distractions, how do you go about finding time to get inspired? Liz shares how she does it.


    George explains how our actions and words can encourage or discourage others, and how those choices can deeply impact the people around us.

  • Systemic Racism | Meet Jordan

    Jordan Thierry is a documentary filmmaker, activist, and storyteller. He has worked for over a decade to highlight the stories of people of color and works to undo the ongoing legacy of systemic racism in the USA.

  • Systemic Racism | Read-Along

    Watch and read along with Jordan, author of A Kids Book About Systemic Racism.

  • Systemic Racism | Questions

    Is there a difference between racism and systemic racism? Jordan answers commonly asked questions about his book.

    1. What is the difference between racism and systemic racism?
    2. Why does racism still exist?
    3. What is an appropriate age range for this book?
    4. What can I do to end systemic raci...

  • Systemic Racism | Personal Story

    Systemic racism is hard to recognize. Jordan reflects on the patterns he noticed and how it affected his childhood.

  • Systemic Racism | Takeaways

    Jordan offers five simple ways you can fight against systemic racism in your everyday life.

    1. Pay Attention
    2. Turn to Wonder
    3. Learn
    4. Speak up
    5. Take Action

  • Systemic Racism | Final Thoughts

    In closing, Jordan leaves you with some guidance and encouraging words to help you in your fight against systemic racism.

  • Your Identity

    In addition to being an entrepreneur, Paige is also a mom and a wife. Learning how to balance your identity and work is an important part of starting your own business.

  • Speak Up!

    As Kevin's Nana Carroll would say, "A closed mouth don't get fed." Speak up about your passion!

  • Authentically You

    It's important to stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Paige encourages you to get to know yourself and figure out what makes you tick.

  • Show & Tell

    Kevin gives a tour of his office and the things he keeps around him to fuel his passion.

  • Belonging | Meet Kevin

    Kevin is an author and creative catalyst who brings a playful curiosity, an avid intellect, a keen understanding of human nature, and a lifelong love of competition to all of his creative endeavors. He sees humanistic potential and possibilities everywhere.

  • Belonging | Read-Along

    Take a seat and follow along as Kevin reads his book, A Kids Book About Belonging.

  • Belonging | Questions

    How can I find somewhere to belong? Kevin answers some of your commonly asked questions about belonging.

  • Belonging | Personal Story

    There was a special place in Kevin’s childhood where he experienced a life-changing sense of belonging. Listen in as he shares it with you.