Emotions can be complex but it’s important to honor them all. These meditations allow you to tap into your feelings and provide tools on how to breathe through some of the tougher ones.

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  • Feeling Angry

    It's okay to feel angry. We all feel angry sometimes. It's a very natural emotion. What’s important with anger is to let it come but then release it and let it go. And the thing about anger is that it is usually hiding another emotion.

  • Feeling Sad

    Today, we're talking about feeling sad. We will meditate on that feeling in order to help you move through those big feelings of sadness. It might not make the sadness completely go away, but meditation helps us acknowledge it, as well as bring in calm and blissful feelings.

  • Feeling Self-Assured

    Today, we’re meditating on the magic that is you. This meditation focuses on celebrating you, giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, and being so proud of all you have accomplished up to this moment in your life.