Embracing Courage

Embracing Courage

Courage seems like a skill you need in extreme situations. It may look like an epic movie scene with gargantuan armies and fantastical battles, a bystander running into a burning building to save a child, or a character confronting their most dreaded fear. While courage is most certainly needed in those situations, it is also an everyday skill we can use to empower ourselves as well as our peers. Atlanta based muralist, George F Baker III illustrates how courage can be used everywhere, in schools, at home, and most importantly within our communities.

Embracing Courage
  • Intro | Meet George

    George F. Baker III, also known as GFB3, is an illustrator, designer, and the creative director of Foster, a studio-collective encouraging the art of play. George brings lively motifs and a childlike spirit to every surface he paints on, and strives to revitalize the inner-child in all who see hi...

  • Defining Courage

    Defining courage isn't easy. George explores examples of courage in our world and ventures into others to uncover: What is courage? What does it mean? And how does it work?

  • When Do I Need Courage?

    It takes courage to navigate some of life's challenges. George shares how courage is not always a matter of 'sink or swim.' From the moment we walk to the day we get to drive, embracing courage is just the start.

  • Doing it Scared

    George explains how the anxiety and fear of creating a mural located in downtown Atlanta, ironically titled "Take a Chill," led him to personal and professional growth.

  • Mountains & Molehills

    Even the smallest hills can feel like the largest mountains to overcome. We've all faced new experiences that can be quite the challenge, and George reflects on a past project that once felt impossible.

  • Facing Yourself

    Being courageous doesn't always look like something outside of yourself. Sometimes being courageous means confronting your own inner thoughts.

  • The Fear Factor

    George explains that fear should not have power over our choices, but rather it should be a message that pushes us forward.

  • Let's Talk Courage

    George meets up with local students at Horizons Atlanta, a summer program which increases access to quality academics and enrichment for underserved students. During the visit they discuss how courage has shaped their families, hobbies, and futures.

    For more information on Horizons Atlanta go to...

  • Finding Courage

    Courage is an inner virtue that builds when we face our fears and challenges. The more we decide to act with courage, the more we grow.

  • Contagious Courage

    Courage is contagious. When you take that first step, you may inspire others too.


    George explains how our actions and words can encourage or discourage others, and how those choices can deeply impact the people around us.

  • One Step Forward

    When things start to get hectic, George reminds you to take things one step at a time.

  • Building Your Courage

    As you confront new challenges, you're building your courage muscle. In order to build that muscle, George encourages you to keep confronting new challenges.

  • A Fine Farewell

    George closes this class with a heartfelt thank you and a lasting piece of encouragement to help you embrace the courage that lives inside of you.