Discovering Your Passion

Discovering Your Passion

Whether it’s writing, gaming, engineering, or music, we all have a passion for something. Sometimes it takes a little discovering to know what your passion is, which is what former Nike creative catalyst and NBA trainer Kevin Carroll will help you identify. This class will not only teach you how to turn your passions into real life manifestations, but also how to fuel your ambitions.

Discovering Your Passion
  • Intro | Meet Kevin

    Meet Kevin Carroll, author, creative catalyst, and social change agent. Kevin brings a playful curiosity, a keen understanding of human nature, and a lifelong love of competition to all of his endeavors. Kevin believes that play is serious business!

  • What Is Passion?

    Kevin debunks some myths about passion and explains how you can identify authentic passion in your own life.

  • Discovery

    Kevin encourages you to reflect on the things that you can't stop talking about or the things that spark joy. Your passion may already be right in front of you.

  • Red Rubber Ball: Part I

    Kevin shares his personal journey to discovering his passion. As a kid, he struggled with feeling neglected, alone, and like he had no purpose in life.

  • Work Hard. Play Hard.

    Living a life that is passion-filled is a choice, and Kevin encourages you to figure out how you can make time for your passion.

  • Stay Curious

    Kevin believes that curiosity is an important element in finding and nurturing one's passion. The more you research and learn about something, the more you recognize what drives you.

  • Red Rubber Ball: Part II

    Kevin continues his story about discovering his passion. During a moment of particular pain and loss, he discovered something that would change his life forever.

  • The Chase

    Chasing after your passion isn't just talking about it—you need to take action toward it too! Kevin shares the experience of how a young artist and soccer player put in the work to pursue his passion.

  • Des9

    Des9, an artist-athlete, gives Kevin a sneak peak of his art studio and discusses how he gets his inspiration.

  • Passion Thieves

    Even Kevin runs into self-doubt, apathy, and haters every once in a while—it's part of the journey. How do you face these passion thieves?

  • Show & Tell

    Kevin gives a tour of his office and the things he keeps around him to fuel his passion.

  • Fueling Your Passion

    How can you fuel your passion? Kevin explains what it means to work out your creative muscle.

  • Find Your Tribe

    Don't go it alone. For Kevin, the most comfortable and confident he feels is when he's surrounded by people who support and encourage him.

  • Speak Up!

    As Kevin's Nana Carroll would say, "A closed mouth don't get fed." Speak up about your passion!

  • Maximize the Day

    Kevin shares his best practices for taking advantage of every moment of every day.

  • A Recap

    Kevin breaks down the takeaways from this class. Are you ready to chase your passion?

  • Red Rubber Ball: Part III

    Kevin never imagined that a red rubber ball would kickstart his lifelong chase after his dreams. Who knew that it would bounce him to where he is today?