Being an Architect

Being an Architect

Buildings and the rooms inside them are built for a purpose. Piero Demichelis, an architect and multidisciplinary artist, explores these purposes and how buildings create an experience. If you're looking to learn more about architecture, then this course will teach you all of the necessary principles of design - including collaboration and communication with other professionals.

Being an Architect
  • Intro | Meet Piero


    Meet photographer, artist and professional architect, Piero Demichelis. Piero is the founder of the multidisciplinary design office Dema, located in Mexico City, Mexico. Piero has designed spaces for the luxury realtor company Sotheby’s, a music studio in Amsterdam, and has contrib...

  • Creating Experiences

    Architecture isn't just about designing pretty buildings. It's a combination of the senses to create a genuine human experience.

  • Understand the Plot

    Piero describes how observing a landscape can help you create your structure's form.

  • A Social Career

    For architects, it's crucial to understand people in order to design buildings. Buildings aren't just static objects, they're places where people interact, live, work, and play.

  • Designing Solutions

    Architecture plays a vital role in any community. It can create unique spaces for people to enjoy their lives, improve the quality of life, and even protect animals.

  • User Experience

    Physical spaces have personal effects on all of us, and Piero challenges you to observe the space you're in now. How is this affecting your experience?

  • Best of Both Worlds

    Architecture has a special way of integrating both math and art to create harmonious spaces.

  • An Architect's Day

    Piero makes a distinction between two types of hours, his “creative hours” and his “professional hours” in his everyday life.

  • Architecture: Start to Finish

    Where do you even begin to design a building? Piero walks you through the whole process from the importance of a client, assembling a team, and supervising the final construction.

  • Bongo House

    Piero gives a tour of his first architectural project in Morelos - The Bongo House. Through this personal process, he learned the value of integrating the existing land with new features, facing your fears, and allowing your work to take a life of its own.

  • Working with Limitations

    Piero describes the challenge and reward of designing beautiful spaces with limited resources.

  • Architecture Values

    While reflecting on his first project, Piero highlights several key values you should have as a developing architect.

  • Cultural Inspirations

    Mexico City, like many other places, is a mix of historic and modern architectural styles. Drawing cultural inspiration for your work can help ground it in its surroundings.

  • Piero's Favorite Thing

    Piero shares his love of architecture and its long lasting impact on his life.

  • Casa de la Familia

    The Bongo House was a very personal project for Piero. He and his father enjoy an afternoon at the Bongo House while his father shares his thoughts on his son's career.

  • Piero's Journey

    The road to finding your career is rarely a straight one. Piero describes how he landed into this profession and also the many ways he and his friends have explored the world of design and architecture.

  • Life Takeaways

    Even if you don't want to be an architect, there are some skillsets you can take away--not just about buildings, but about life.