Find your inner power by learning how the world works and our role in it.

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  • Authentically You

    It's important to stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Paige encourages you to get to know yourself and figure out what makes you tick.

  • Stepping Out

    Becoming more confident in yourself can be intimidating, but it's as simple as asking a question.

  • Facing Yourself

    Being courageous doesn't always look like something outside of yourself. Sometimes being courageous means confronting your own inner thoughts.

  • Speak Up!

    As Kevin's Nana Carroll would say, "A closed mouth don't get fed." Speak up about your passion!

  • Rick Talks About Bravery

    Rick DeLucco, author illustrator of A Little Book About Bravery, talks about how acts of bravery—big or small—let us face our fears and can help us overcome them.

  • I Am Enough

    Did you know that you are enough as you are? You are enough. You have always been and will always be enough. No more or less is needed. You are full and whole and complete and perfect just as you are.

  • I Am Love

    We were loved when we came into this world as tiny, little babies. We were an embodiment of love, and the truth is, we still are! There is love all around us. There is love within us. We are all made of pure love. Each of us IS love.

  • Are Banned Books the Problem?

    Last October, the all-white school board of the Central York School District in York, Pennsylvania, unanimously banned a list of educational resources. The books included on this list are Worth Noting.

  • What is Environmental Racism?

    Activist Kevin J. Patel shares his personal experiences with environmental racism and how he is standing up for marginalized youth in the climate movement through his organization, OneUpAction.

  • Kevin Talks About Belonging

    Kevin Carroll, author of A Kids Book About Belonging, talks about how belonging starts with having the self-confidence to be you wherever you are.

  • Orion Jean and The Race to Kindness

    Orion Jean uses his powers as an activator to help end book deserts through the Race to Kindness. Let’s learn how we can achieve incredible goals when we work together.

  • Khloe Thompson and Khloe Kares

    Khloe Thompson uses her powers as an activator to help women experiencing homelessness Khloe Kares. Let’s learn how we can look for and respond to needs in our communities.

  • Cyla Grace Hoffman and She Sounds Like Me

    Cyla Grace Hoffman uses her powers as an activator to eliminate bullying with She Sounds Like Me. Let’s learn how you can make change by sharing what you love with friends.

  • Sasha Knight and Cowboys

    Sasha Knight uses his powers as an activator to raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s learn how we can stand up for and encourage one another to be our true selves.

  • Kohen Lucero and Team End Racism

    Kohen Lucero uses his powers as an activator to promote books with diverse representation with Team End Racism. Let’s learn how you can start changing the world with a smile.

  • Hollis Belger and Juggling for Jude

    Hollis Belger uses her powers as an activator to fundraise for children with cancer with Juggling for Jude. Let’s learn how we can turn our passions and talents into action.

  • CJ Matthews and Blankies 4 My Buddies

    CJ Matthews uses his powers as an activator to purchase blankets for kids in hospitals or living in foster care. Let’s learn how we can be a beacon of hope to others.

  • YEL! Kids and Youth Environmental Leadership

    The Youth Environmental Leadership Kids (aka the YEL! Kids) Martina, Daniela, Soren, and Alucard raise awareness around environmental issues and take action. Let’s learn how we can come together to help bring about change.

  • Systemic Racism | Read-Along

    Watch and read along with Jordan, author of A Kids Book About Systemic Racism.

  • Systemic Racism | Questions

    Is there a difference between racism and systemic racism? Jordan answers commonly asked questions about his book.

    1. What is the difference between racism and systemic racism?
    2. Why does racism still exist?
    3. What is an appropriate age range for this book?
    4. What can I do to end systemic raci...

  • Systemic Racism | Takeaways

    Jordan offers five simple ways you can fight against systemic racism in your everyday life.

    1. Pay Attention
    2. Turn to Wonder
    3. Learn
    4. Speak up
    5. Take Action