A Kids Book About: The Podcast

A Kids Book About: The Podcast

A kids podcast about the things that matter, like Racism, Body Image, and Belonging. Each episode opens up the dialog we've begun in our groundbreaking A Kids Book About series. Created by folks who've been there. Honest. Important. Relevant. Start the conversation. We know you're ready.

A Kids Book About: The Podcast
  • Jelani Talks About Racism

    Jelani Memory, founder of A Kids Book About and author of A Kids Book About Racism, talks about knowing racism by how it makes you feel.

  • Nakita Talks About Emotions

    Nakita Simpson, author of A Kids Book About Emotions, talks about how everyone experiences emotions differently and for different reasons.

  • Jordan Talks About Systemic Racism

    Jordan Thierry, author of A Kids Book About Systemic Racism, talks about how systemic racism limited how he saw himself represented in film and career opportunities.

  • Ashley Talks About Divorce

    Ashley Simpo, author of A Kids Book About Divorce, talks about how children are never at fault when people get a divorce.

  • Malia Talks About COVID-19

    Malia Jones, author of A Kids Book About COVID-19, talks through the facts of COVID-19, dispels some of the myths, and shares ways we can all help one another.

  • Emma Talks About Feminism

    Emma Mcilroy, author of A Kids Book About Feminism, talks intersectional feminism, shining the light on others, and why she’s so excited about the next generation growing up.

  • Kristine Talks About Disabilities

    Kristine Napper, author of A Kids Book About Disabilities, talks about identifying disabilities as normal and working to make spaces welcoming to all.

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  • Kim Talks About Anti-Asian Hate

    Kim Pham, author of A Kids Book About Anti-Asian Hate, talks about bringing awareness to acts of hate against AAPI individuals and communities and calling out racism when we see it happening.

  • Caverly Talks About Mindfulness

    Caverly Morgan, author of A Kids Book About Mindfulness, talks about fully engaging with the lives we are here to live.

  • Evelyn Talks About Sexual Abuse

    Evelyn Yang, author of A Kids Book About Sexual Abuse, talks about speaking up in any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • David Talks About Change

    David Kim, author of A Kids Book About Change, talks about how everyone goes through change in their own way and at their own pace.

  • Ross Talks About Anxiety

    Ross Szabo, author of A Kids Book About Anxiety, talks about how all of our emotions and behaviors in life have pathways in our brains.

  • Jamie Talks About Shame

    Jamie Letourneau, author of A Kids Book About Shame, talks about not needing to experience difficult emotions alone.

  • Paul Talks About God

    Paul J. Pastor, author of A Kids Book About God, talks about seeking through questions and living with open eyes and an open heart.

  • Kileah Talks About Depression

    Kileah McIlvain, author of A Kids Book About Depression, talks about how a small point of connection can make all the difference for somebody.

  • Kevin Talks About Belonging

    Kevin Carroll, author of A Kids Book About Belonging, talks about how belonging starts with having the self-confidence to be you wherever you are.

  • Carlos Talks About the Tulsa Race Massacre

    Carlos Moreno, author of A Kids Book About the Tulsa Race Massacre, talks about the historic attack by a white mob on the neighborhood and Black residents of Greenwood.

  • Charnaie Talks About Diversity

    Charnaie Gordon, author of A Kids Book About Diversity, talks about how we can embrace diversity by making sure everyone is included and that our differences are celebrated.

  • Ben Talks About White Privilege

    Ben Sand, author of A Kids Book About White Privilege, talks about how white people can investigate their privilege and use it to take action for good.

  • Meir Talks About Optimism

    Meir Kay, author of A Kids Book About Optimism, talks about how optimism can help us embrace hope, overcome obstacles, and have confidence in a joyful and successful future.

  • Adam Talks About Money

    Adam Stramwasser, author of A Kids Book About Money, talks about how money is a tool that we use throughout the world and how we can make choices to use it wisely.

  • Rick Talks About Bravery

    Rick DeLucco, author illustrator of A Little Book About Bravery, talks about how acts of bravery—big or small—let us face our fears and can help us overcome them.

  • Jelani Talks About Fear

    Jelani Memory, author of A Little Book About Fear, talks about how fear is something we all face that can warn us and keep us safe and can also be something to overcome.