AAPI Heritage Spotlight

AAPI Heritage Spotlight

Celebrating our AAPI community.

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AAPI Heritage Spotlight
  • Courtney Talks About Activism

    Courtney Ahn, author of A Little Book About Activism, talks about how you can use your voice and work to make your community better through activism.

  • Change | Meet David

    David Kim was born in Seoul, Korea, but is now pastoring in Silicon Valley, where there is constant change! And as a husband and father of two young girls, he is still learning to navigate change with them every day.

  • Change | Personal Story

    “I am a grownup and I still have a hard time with change. Sometimes I deal with it well, but sometimes I don't.” Listen as David shares how he copes with change.

  • Change | Read Along

    Find a cozy seat and follow along as David reads his book, A Kids Book About Change.

  • Change | Questions

    Why is change so hard? David answers some commonly asked questions about change through the lens of his personal experiences.

  • Change | Takeways

    David shares five ways you can handle change in your life.

  • Change | Final Thoughts

    When you are faced with change, David wants you to know how to navigate those experiences with ease.

  • David Talks About Change

    David Kim, author of A Kids Book About Change, talks about how everyone goes through change in their own way and at their own pace.

  • Kim Talks About Anti-Asian Hate

    Kim Pham, author of A Kids Book About Anti-Asian Hate, talks about bringing awareness to acts of hate against AAPI individuals and communities and calling out racism when we see it happening.

  • A Kids Book About Anti-Asian Hate

    934 KB

    We all know that hate and racism are bad, but what does it look like when an Asian person experiences racism? This book is here to start that conversation. To help explain the hate that Asian Americans experience in their lives and empower kids to not be afraid to talk about racism and help them ...