A Kids Book About Technology

A Kids Book About Technology

Join Amber Case—UI designer, speaker, and technology developer—in an expansive and personal read-along of her book, A Kids Book About Technology.

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A Kids Book About Technology
  • Technology | Meet Amber

    Amber Case has always been fascinated by the relationship between technology and humans. She comes from a family of coders, engineers, and developers, so curiosity is coded into her DNA. Now Amber travels the world speaking about the pros and cons of technology use in our daily lives.

  • Technology | Read-Along

    Unplug and follow along as Amber reads her book, A Kids Book About Technology.

  • Technology | Questions

    How do I deal with cyberbullying? Can I be myself online? Amber answers some commonly asked questions about the internet and how to explore it safely, freely, and confidently.

  • Technology | Personal Story

    Technology can take a lot of energy out of our minds and bodies. Amber shares a story about when she felt overwhelmed by the screens in front of her face.

  • Technology | Takeaways

    Amber offers tips and tools on how to live with technology in a positive way—not only for entertainment but for your health.

  • Technology | Final Thoughts

    Amber leaves you with some empowering tools as you explore the vast world of technology.