A Kids Book About Change

A Kids Book About Change

Join David Kim— Pastor and father of two —in an expansive and personal read-along of his book, A Kids Book About Change.

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A Kids Book About Change
  • Change | Meet David

    David Kim was born in Seoul, Korea, but is now pastoring in Silicon Valley, where there is constant change! And as a husband and father of two young girls, he is still learning to navigate change with them every day.

  • Change | Read Along

    Find a cozy seat and follow along as David reads his book, A Kids Book About Change.

  • Change | Questions

    Why is change so hard? David answers some commonly asked questions about change through the lens of his personal experiences.

  • Change | Personal Story

    “I am a grownup and I still have a hard time with change. Sometimes I deal with it well, but sometimes I don't.” Listen as David shares how he copes with change.

  • Change | Takeways

    David shares five ways you can handle change in your life.

  • Change | Final Thoughts

    When you are faced with change, David wants you to know how to navigate those experiences with ease.