A Kids Book About Belonging

A Kids Book About Belonging

Join Kevin Carroll—author, speaker, and sports enthusiast—in an expansive and personal read-along of his book, A Kids Book About Belonging.

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A Kids Book About Belonging
  • Belonging | Meet Kevin

    Kevin is an author and creative catalyst who brings a playful curiosity, an avid intellect, a keen understanding of human nature, and a lifelong love of competition to all of his creative endeavors. He sees humanistic potential and possibilities everywhere.

  • Belonging | Read-Along

    Take a seat and follow along as Kevin reads his book, A Kids Book About Belonging.

  • Belonging | Questions

    How can I find somewhere to belong? Kevin answers some of your commonly asked questions about belonging.

  • Belonging | Personal Story

    There was a special place in Kevin’s childhood where he experienced a life-changing sense of belonging. Listen in as he shares it with you.

  • Belonging | Takeaways

    Kevin shares five tips on how to find where you belong and how to react when you don’t really feel like you fit in.

    1. Define what belonging means to you.
    2. Know why it’s important to take care of your own well being
    3. Be aware of when you feel like you don’t belong.
    4. Be confident in who you...

  • Belonging | Final Thoughts

    In closing, Kevin leaves you with some encouraging words to help unlock confidence in your pursuit of belonging.